Thus, the form of the disease under consideration requires not only correct, but also timely therapeutic action, which will return the patient with epilepsy to a full-fledged life.
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The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and cannot replace professional advice and qualified medical assistance. At the slightest suspicion of the presence of temporal lobe epilepsy, be sure to buy perindopril at doctor!

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Temporal lobe epilepsy is a disease of the nervous system in which a person suffers from epileptic seizures and mental disorders. The patient experiences malfunctions in the body, and there is also a risk of loss of consciousness with respiratory and cardiac dysfunctions.

This is one of the forms of epilepsy, the development of aceon does not depend on the age range of patients.

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The disorder often occurs in children, especially common among toddlers under three years of age. At this age, it manifests itself somewhat differently and leads to a delay in the development of the child. Oftenparents go to the doctor, noticing that the little one falls out of the usual rhythm of perindopril for a while, his behavior changes. Sometimes the disease does not significantly affect the daily routine, manifesting itself only in short-term changes in the state.

The pathological process takes place in the temporal part of the cerebral cortex (the photo is presented below).

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In this case, the activity of certain body systems is disrupted, which is expressed in the characteristic symptoms of the disease. In some cases, the epileptic discharge is not localized in the temporal lobe, but is projected into this area from other parts of aceon pills, causing specific signs.

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Timely diagnosis and treatment lead to a decrease in the number of seizures and increase periods of remission, when the symptoms of temporal lobe epilepsy weaken and do not interfere with the normal functioning of a person in society. Treatment at an early stage of the development of the disease includes drug therapy and avoids surgery.

Epilepsy of the temporal lobes of the brain can be caused by a variety of factors. Its occurrence is associated with the influence of certain negative phenomena in human life. Among the causes that cause pathological disorders in the activity of the central nervous system, the following are distinguished: In most cases, the temporal form of the pathology is symptomatic, that is, it occurs due to the impact on the brain of negative factors during the period of human life. It is more often manifested in adults and leads to functional changes in the structure of the main organ of the central nervous system.
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Classification and characteristic symptoms.

The systematization of temporal epilepsy is based on the focus on the localization of the focus of epileptic activity in the area of the temporal lobe of the brain. The main symptom of any form of epilepsy is seizures and seizures. In medical science, the temporal type of epilepsy is divided into 4 types, each of which has typical symptoms that accompany absences:
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In clinical practice, they often talk about two types of epilepsy - lateral and mediobasal (combining amygdala and hippocampal forms).

Some scientists distinguish another type of temporal lobe epilepsy - bilateral. In this case, both lobes of the brain are affected simultaneously. This form develops mainly in a child during fetal formation, sometimes in an adult with the progression of an already existing pathological condition.
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Diagnosis of the disease at an early stage of its occurrence is not always possible. Patients go to the doctor when the attacks are already fully manifested. Signs of temporal lobe epilepsy are often not taken into account by patients, and the pathological condition is aggravated.
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In order to confirm or refute the alleged diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe the following diagnostic methods: Electroencephalogram (EEG) - with its help, the activity of the emerging discharge is observed. The procedure is effective if carried out during the night's sleep of the subject.
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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which determines disorders associated with the functioning of the brain. Positron emission tomography (PET), which reveals metabolic changes in the temporal region.